Don’t miss the bus to the Summit. Dig into the ten most-asked questions below, so you’re ten steps ahead when you arrive in sunny Los Angeles on April 30th.

1. Are Summit tickets sold out?

•Not yet, but they’re goin’ like hotcakes (said with a New York/Italian accent).
•$160 for general Coaches and Beachbody® customers, $125 for New Coaches*
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2. I already have my ticket—can I still sign up for the Breakout & Training Sessions?

•You know it! In order to access any of the SIX brand-new training sessions, simply open the confirmation email we sent when you registered and make your choices. You can sign up for any of our SIX sessions there.
•Sessions include: Shakeology® Product Training, Exploding Your Business with Home Parties, Maximizing Your Earning Potential with the Compensation Plan, Prospecting Secrets Revealed, Body Gospel® Breakfast Breakout Session, and the TurboFire® Breakfast Breakout Session.

3. Where should I book my hotel room?

•If you haven’t already done so, dial up the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza and tell them you’re with Team Beachbody® and that you’ll need a room for the big event. Easy breezy.
•Contact Hyatt Regency >>
4. What’s up with all that sweet Summit gear?

•Look hot, feel hotter, and heat up the Summit with cool merchandise. If you’re interested, simply open the confirmation email we sent when you registered and stock up. You’ll be able to pick up your purchase once the event kicks off (hint: it’s cheaper if you buy it in advance!).
5. Where can I find the most current Summit agenda?

6. How should I strut to the Saturday night party, CELEBRATION?

•This party is ritzy. We recommend you dress to impress, but as long as you look your best, feel your best, and dance your best—no worries!
7. Who’s invited to SHINE @ the Diamond Reception on Friday night?

•YOU—if you’re a current Diamond and qualified by March 30, 2010—and a guest of your choice.
8. Is there express check-in?

•So glad you asked. If you’re a lifetime Diamond, you’re welcome to bust a move into the fast lane.
9. If someone can’t make it, how do they find out what’s happening?

•Follow our new Twitter at TBBCoach411! We’ll be tweetin’ LIVE throughout the whole weekend—everything from product secrets to training tips to who’s getting it done on the dance floor. It’ll be like Summit away from Summit. >>
10. Which Beachbody trainers can I expect to work out with?

•Tony Horton, Shaun T, Debbie Siebers, Leandro Carvalho, Brett Hoebel, and last, but definitely not least, Chalene Johnson.

See you at the Summit!
—The Network

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