After Losing 60 lbs and 49 inches the begining of Spring Break!

So  boys and girls most of you know I just completed my 3 day Shakeology Cleanse on Wednesday and I lost 14lbs during the 3 days! As you can imagine I am super pleased with my cleanse results and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking out a good cleanse.



I  video blogged what happened to me and wanted to post all three vlogs here so that you can see them in order and know what you can maybe expect to experience when you do the cleanse.  You can custom order the cleanse form me for $45 @ but I strongly recommend ordering the 30 day supply of  Shakeology so that after you cleanse you can continue to experience the benefits of the nutrition that Shakeology provides your body on a daily basis.


You can order Shakeology Here


Here are the Video’s Starting with Day 2



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