Beach body is a $400 million dollar direct marketing company specializing in health and fitness products. You might have seen our programs advertised on TV. Programs like P90X, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, and Slim in 6.

6 years ago Beachbody launched a new and revolutionary distribution concept that has been so successful that we are convinced that it is about to redefine the $60 billion dollar business of fitness and weight loss and capture massive market share in a very short time. Now Carl would like to share this incredible opportunity with you. Carl has invited you to become his partner in Beachbody’s mission to get people healthy and fit.

Getting involved now and securing your position could completely transform your financial future.  Ok Maybe it will help you to know a little bit more about Carl Daikeler and who he is and why you should listen to him.

Carl is an Entrepreneur who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two beautiful children. Carl has worked in direct marketing for over 25 years. 11 years ago he launched a company called Product Launchers with a partner and they built this business into a powerful $400 million dollar a year brand.

2 years ago they had another breakthrough on their business model. Instead of doing the obvious thing and selling Beachbody’s well known and highly sought after products in retail stores, they asked a handful of their customers to become Independent Distributors and call them Coaches. Now these are not health and fitness experts, these are just people who love the products and love sharing it with others because the products actually work. They are Coaches in that they want to help others achieve something special.

 In just 2 years thousands of people with an entrepreneurial spirit have joined Beachbody’s mission. Some people have purchased new cars, some have gone on vacation, and some have paid off debt, and paid off their mortgages.

 Beachbody has already paid out over $31 million dollars, including some families who have already earned over a million dollars each in less than 2 years. They still are working with one thing in mind use this opportunity to achieve their dreams and all that just from phase one before they had everything in place to roll this concept out.

 Well now its time to kick off the training wheels from phase one and launch into phase two an all out push to find entrepreneurs  and leaders who see that a business that is proven to get results has solid momentum and is the only company of its kind really is a billion dollar opportunity.

 It’s called Team Beachbody, an extension of the parent Beachbody offering the very programs that we made famous on TV and with $100 million dollars a year in advertising that an enormous amount of exposure and opportunity for you.

We have combined our catalog of fitness programs with a breakthrough in nutrition its called Shakeology The healthiest Meal of the Day. Shakeology is what we call a market disrupter because while competitors have come up with me too energy drinks and anti oxidant juices we have created the absolute highest quality weight loss and health shake on the market today period the absolute best!

 This isn’t a complicated business, and its time for you to secure your position as we launch this major phase of our growth.

To hear Carl’s invitation to you personally please push play below

 To Secure your position and become a Beachbody TodayCoach Click here

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