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My name is Tricia Claiborne and I live in Mesquite TX.  I was a stay at home mom for at least 10 years. My husband supported our family at great cost. He suffered from an emotional Break down in 2006 and has never been the same.  He ended up having to go on disability, and we went on welfare in Feb 2009 which was not enough to support our family of 6 so I went back to work.

(***Update*** My Husband died in August of 2011 unexpectedly followed by mom in December of 2011. Last year was extremely hard but I will never give up! Thanks for your continued support)

I was working 2 jobs and trying to keep up with my husband’s medical issues.  He was in and out of the hospital over a dozen times in 9 months. My family was really suffering from my absence .

I became a Beachbody Coach in August of 2008. I was introduced to the Coaching opportunity by Holly Blochowitz. I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to do because I didn’t exactly fit the description of a beachbody so it kind of intimidated me.

I went ahead and joined not really sure what I was going to do with this type of business. I got a little apprehensive and scared and decided that I couldn’t do it. So I called Beachbody Coach Relations to cancel my distributorship. They were very nice and willing to do so without any problems.  Before the represenetive cancelled it she very sincerely asked me why I was quitting. I told her that I didn’t look the part and didn’t think anyone would take me seriously.

She told me that I was really actually the best type of person to do this business because there are more people out there like me that are unhealthy and out of shape than are in shape and healthy, and that my story would inspire many people. I decided to stay in the business. I didn’t really take it to heart much though because I still didn’t fit the profile in my mind.

I basically new that this type of business model Direct Response and Network Marketing were the best type of business to be involved in and that even if I just did the bare minimum to stay active and build the business that it would eventually pay off.

Well I signed up a coach under me and then before I knew it I had over 100 coaches under me in no time just from people in my up line and down line bringing in people. I was very excited. But it wasn’t until February of 2009 that I got a message from my  up line diamond Coach Holly Blochowitz stating that If I had been an Emerald Coach in the month of Feb that I would have earned  anywhere from $50 – $100 a week. I really felt sick to my stomach. At the time that money was very much what I was falling short on in my budget.

I knew I had to become Emerald ASAP. So I convinced my husband to become a coach and with my other coach became Emerald. This is where it started getting interesting. Next thing you know I am getting Free customers from the company! They are just giving them to me from their infomercials that they run 24/7 some of them even place future orders and next thing you know I have over 100 FREE customers from Beachbody! Holly was right I got a check deposited right into my bank account that following week.

That brings me to today where I was finally able to quit one of the 2 jobs that I had and be there for my family. I am now focused on really building my business and helping others and myself to get healthy both physically and financially. I am now a Ruby coach destined to be Diamond any day now. This is my dream come true and I am truly blessed every day to be in Beachbody.

Tricia Claiborne

Mesquite, TX

Coach since Aug 2008

Diamond Coach and Team Leader

My Business Secret- Follow the game plan and use Social media along with Fit club that I started here in Mesquite.

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