Bad Carbs Good Carbs Which Carbs Should You Eat? The topic of carbohydrates can be very confusing when you are first learning to manage your carbohydrate intake. Eventually understanding which ones are good carbohydrates and which ones are bad carbohydrates becomes second nature and much easier with just a few simple tips to help you remember. Debbie Siebers, Slim in 6 Celebrity trainer has several suggestions for understanding how to use complex carbohydrates.

Contrary to popular belief complex carbs can be good for you. Not all carbs are the enemy. In moderation carbs are a healthy part of a well balanced diet.

Watch the short video below for Debbie’s Complex Carbohydrates Nutrition Tips and learn how easy it is to make these simple changes and help you lose weight and get healthy! If you would like one on one help let me know by contacting me thru the contact tab on this page :)

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