I have been a Team Beachbody Coach for over a year now. I have not really taken the calling as seriously as I could have up until recently.

I decided that there is so much I can do to help people reach their health and fitness goals. Through helping them to reach their goals I would in turn be helping myself reach the goals I have set for me.

I have always sent out an email or ecard from my Beachbody back office (a really cool tool that BB offers their coaches) to my customers. I would send them out regularly just touching base with them or keeping them updated on anything New going on with Beachbody. Sometimes I would have a nice surprise and get a reply back letting me know a little bit about them.

One day as I was reading and email from a client and realized that I would really love to get to know my clients individually and really understand what their struggles are and what their vision is for themselves. I decided the only way to really get to know them is to actually pick up the phone and call them. Which can be quite alot of phone calls when you have over 100 customers lol.. What I decided to do was to break them up into groups and call so many of them everyday. Then I would call them again on the same date the following month.

Today was my 1st day of customer calls. I must say I loved it! These people are amazing. I got to talk to all on my list today except for 2 of them. Many of them had choosen P90X as their fitness program and were either still doing it with great sucess or had not been keeping up with it as much lately. They had questions for me and I was able to hopefully help them with my answers. I made some new friends I feel as well. One client was using the Brazil butt lift and was able to share with me how much fun it is for her to use it although she wasnt sure if she was going to get that Brazialian booty in the end. Regardless of the program they all have something in common, they are working towards a helathier body and lifestyle.

I know for me I prayed that some how I would be healthy and fit and feel great. Now I know that God gave me the Beachbody Coaching opportunity to do just that. He knew it would force me to focus on my health and fitness if I were to help others focus on theirs.

I challange you today, Make a commitment to yourself, to your body, to your health, make a promise today to make that change. If you arent sure where to start I can help you. The key is to just start somewhere. Call me 214-382-6562 and I can help you determine what might work best for you. I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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