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Week 1 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Review:

When I decided to FINALLY make the commitment to myself and my health to take 21 days to reset, cleanse, alkalize, and detox my body I knew it would not be the easiest thing for me. I believe that is why I have hesitated doing The Ultimate Reset for so long.  I mean 21 days is a long time when you LOVE food!

I guess I was under the impression that I would be starving!!! NOT TRUE…  I have felt full and satisfied for the most part. There have been moments where mentally I wanted to fulfill a craving or desire and I even caved once but I didn’t let that get me off track.

I told you I would keep it real with you so I will, good, bad , indifferent….

Pre Reset:

My Ultimate Reset program came in. Time to educate myself and plan for my first week.  I read the materials which I found to be very helpful. I looked over the contents of the program and found my promise bracelet that comes with EVERY Ultimate Reset program to help you remember the promise and commitment you have made to yourself and your health and loving yourself from the inside out.

I was a little overwhelmed by the whole thing and then I discovered a way that it all can be simplified while I was reading the manual and I must say this was VERY helpful and just what I needed.

I did have a hard time finding a shopping list but eventually did on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Client Portal.  When looking for ingredients I was not able to find miso paste at any of my local stores so you may want to check ahead of time or order it from somewhere online because it is called for alot in this program. I opted to not use it since I couldn’t find it before I began my program.

The program recommend beginning on a Wednesday so that is what I did. March 2, 2016 is when I began. I recently had gotten my weight down to 236 lbs (my lowest in years) THEN I took some medication that skyrocketed my weight to 247 lbs in just a matter of days which was very discouraging BUT I did not let that detour me from my ultimate health and weightloss goal. Time to do this!

Day 1 The Ultimate Reset:

This day is all about getting into the Ultimate Reset Phase 1 week 1 routine. The hardest thing for me was just trying to remember to eat and take the assigned supplement at the right time BUT by day 2 I had it down! :)  You take your body weight and divide 2 and that is what you drink in ounces of water daily. You also add the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Mineralize to the water you drink. You will also be taking the Ultimate Reset Optimize 30 minutes before your meals. In the afternoon (before your snack) you will drink the Ultimate Reset Alkalinize which wasn’t the worst thing I have ever had but it does take some getting used to. Before dinner you add the Ultimate Reset Soothe to the regimen.  I was not hungry and I really enjoyed the food I got to eat. I had 2 eggs and spinach, and whole grain toast for breakfast and even for lunch since it was so easy and yummy. For dinner I had Genghis Grill with NO SAUCES just some of the basic seasonings and it was yummy! I felt fine on this day.

Day 2 Ultimate Reset:

Woke up feeling pretty good. Ready to start my routine. I ate the eggs and spinach again because I really loved it and it just was easier… You get to have eggs up till day 4 so I figured I would make my life easier and just go with that for breakfast and lunch each day till then.  Getting the swing of this now and drinking all of my water and adding the mineralize to my distilled water like it suggests.  I didn’t feel hungry this day.

Day 3 Ultimate Reset:

I woke up on this day feeling GREAT! I had dropped weight already (I know it was water but I’ll take it) I ate the same things as day 1 and 2 with dinner being just a bit different. I felt ok this day BUT this was the day I was really tempted and gave in to a craving I was having… That made me feel bad BUT I tried to not let it keep me off course the rest of my day.


On my way

Day 4 Ultimate Reset: 

This day I had oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. It tasted  so good. Later in the day I noticed I was feeling VERY moody and kinda cranky and just wanted to sleep. I began to wonder if I could REALLY do this program… BUT after battling with myself mentally and reminding myself why I choose to do the Ultimate Reset program I decided to keep going…

Day 5 Ultimate Reset:

This day I guess I felt a renewed sense of being able to accomplish this goal of mine BUT thinking to myself 21 days is SOOOOOOO LONG! LOL


Day 6 Ultimate Reset:

Went through my routine without a hitch! I prepped my lunch from leftover dinner from the day before . At this point I am having fruit fro breakfast the past couple of days since I can’t have eggs now.  Feeling good BUT I am having CRAZY cravings! I know that is part of this process and will go away. I had a headache later in the evening but I drank some water and it went away.

Day 7 Ultimate Reset:

This is the last day I get to have chicken or oatmeal…. UGH… LOL  Ready to move into the next phase of the program Phase 2 Week 2 of the Ultimate Reset. I went shopping today and again I plan to eat alot of the same things to make it easier for me to stick with. Phase 2 calls for beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruit and veggies…. K.I.S.S.  Not alot of variety but I dont care at this point I am just literally counting down the days that I am done with this!!!  :)

All in all, I would say that this is NOT going to be an easy so program at the same time it is only as difficult and hard as you make it… You have to make sure you have the mindset to do this and that is why till now I hadn’t done it. I was not mentally and emotionally ready to do this for 21 days. Believe me you are going to battle your feelings,and your head during this process BUT I know without a doubt the results will be worth it in the end .




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