Such a compelling story I had to share it with you…

It started as a routine outpatient visit to the doctor 15 years ago for Susan Baldwin, she was supposed to have elective surgery to clear out her sinus cavity. Unfortunately it became much more complicated.

While performing the surgery the doctor discovered Stage 3 Squamous Cell Carcinoma the second most common form of skin cancer. Susan was faced with a very hard choice of whether or not to have chemotherapy. With one set of doctors telling her to have the chemotherapy and the other set telling her it wasn’t nesecary until they find a tumor, Susan opted not to have the chemo.

Years later when going in for a routing screening they found more cancer and she went on chemotherapy and was bedridden for almost a year trying to regain her strength. She began her search for a fitness program that could help her regain her strength and health. That is when she saw the Turbo Jam infomercial and decided that it looked like fun and like something she could do realistically. She has been working out to it eversince!

She says that when she saw the turbo Jam Infomercial she noticed Chalene Johnson and how much fun she was having, and her zest for life and she knew it was for her.

Through this process of recovery she found things that motivated her like exercising, and eating right, finding the things that work for her and finding balance in her life. Always finding gratitude and always being grateful for everyday that she woke up and she wasn’t sick.

Although her primary cancer has never been found she remains optimistic about her future continuing to face each day as it comes. For Susan both a strong body and a strong mind is essential to her good health.

I am both moved and motivated by Susan. I hope that her story touches you and helps to keep you focused on your true goal of good health. To see which workout fits your needs and or your fitness personality Click Here.

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