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Tricia Claiborne Before and after

Who remembers all the different diets, meal replacements, and pills that they took to try to lose a few pesky pounds? For me it seems I tried everything. I actually saw some long-term weight loss from the original Xenedrine with ephedra. Used as instructed it was safe and effective for most people. I lost over 100 lbs using it and kept it off for 3 years even after they took it off the market.

I had a baby and I gained weight and I tried the new Xenedrine formulas but they were not effective at all. I tried all sorts of over the counter supplements and NOTHING worked for me. I just kept gaining and gaining and it was actually quite depressing.

The only draw back to Xenedrine for me was that I could sometimes forget to take it. I was skeptical when Beachbody released their nutritional meal replacement supplement Shakeology that promised that by drinking it only once a day you could lose weight. Yeah right… I decided to try it and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Ok in all fairness Xenedrine although effective could have terrible side effects for some people. With Shakeology it is just food so unless you have an allergy to that specific food there are no side effects only side benefits. I have lost over 100 pounds and over 60 inches drinking Shakeology only once a day, that’s right once a day… Now that is dramatic and healthy weight loss using nothing but healthy nutrient dense foods.

I could go on and on about the benefits of Shakeology but I think this short video says it all….

If you want to know about the Superfood ingredients in Shakeology watch this video and see where they come from…

Shakeology Candy Bark Recipe


I added crushed nuts so that is why it looks grainy… It was smooth before I added them

Have you tried the Shakeology Candy bark recipe yet? I was AMAZED when I saw a friend post this on Facebook! How is it i never heard of this or thought of this before now? Well I decided to share the healthy candy bark recipe here and let me just say the options are endless when it comes to flavor combinations! This will be my go to when I feel like I want a candy bar. although Shakeology does curb cravings for that! This is a great healthy snack to take on the run with you or send in school lunches! I will be making this for my next Shakeology open house.

Ok so here is the basic recipe which can be adapted by adding in different things and using the other Shakeology flavors. We have Chocolate, Vegan Chocolate, Strawberry, Vegan Strawberry, Greenberry , and Vanilla. You can add in mint extract and make and healthy Andes mint kinda thing even!

1 tablespoon of extra virgin unrefined coconut oil melted

1 tablespoon of peanut butter melted  (I have not tried it with the powdered but it could work you may have to add more oil)

1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology (or which ever flavor you like)

about 1/8 – 1/4 cup of crushed or chopped nuts

Melt coconut oil and peanut butter in microwave for about 30 seconds just long enough to melt and liquify. Stir together. Add Shakeology and stir. Once mixed add the nuts. spread mixture out in a thin layer on a sheet of foil then place in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Once frozen bang foil on the counter to break up the pieces. Eat and enjoy! I stored the extra in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

Like I said the options are endless just remember everything has calories even though it is all good for you. I was surprised by how much this small batch made! You could even just omit the peanut butter and add ins and mix just the shakeology and the coconut oil together but you will want to either use less Shakeology or increase the coconut oil.

Order your favorite Healthy Shakeology meal replacement flavor here form me  and get the best available pricing! The healthiest meal of the day just got even better!

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I wanted to post a blog about something that is a very personal thing for me in hope that it would maybe help someone else as well. Food addiction and eating disorders are a very serious thing. Food addiction does not just plague overweight and obese people but it also affects normal weight people as well, yet their bodies are genetically more equipped to process the extra calories or they may just increase their workouts / physical activities to compensate for it. Food addicts of all sizes will continue to eat and eat regardless of the consequences it can have on their health and even their relationships. Just like many other addictions, food addicts will have trouble changing their behavior even if they want to and even if they try repeatedly.

I came across this information on Web MD I thought I would share it here to help you determine if you are dealing with a food addiction. ALOT of times people don’t even realize they have one. This will help you identify if it is something you need to address within yourself.

Web MD : Researchers at Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Science & Policy have developed a questionnaire to identify people with food addictions.

Here’s a sample of questions that can help determine if you have a food addiction. Do these actions apply to you? Do you:

  • End up eating more than planned when you start eating certain foods
  • Keep eating certain foods even if you’re no longer hungry
  • Eat to the point of feeling ill
  • Worry about not eating certain types of foods or worry about cutting down on certain types of foods
  • When certain foods aren’t available, go out of your way to obtain them

The questionnaire also asks about the impact of your relationship with food on your personal life. Do these situations apply to you:

  • You eat certain foods so often or in such large amounts that you start eating food instead of working, spending time with the family, or doing recreational activities.
  • You avoid professional or social situations where certain foods are available because of fear of overeating.
  • You have problems functioning effectively at your job or school because of food and eating.

The questionnaire asks about withdrawal symptoms. For example, when you cut down on certain foods (excluding caffeinated beverages), do you have symptoms such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Other physical symptoms

The questionnaire also tries to gauge the impact of food decisions on your emotions. Do these situations apply to you?

  • Eating food causes problems such as depression, anxiety, self-loathing, or guilt.
  • You need to eat more and more food to reduce negative emotions or increase pleasure.
  • Eating the same amount of food doesn’t reduce negative emotions or increase pleasure the way it used to.

I used these questions, and although I could not answer yes to a majority of them I answered yes to enough of them which are still problematic in my life. Maybe I am not as deep in my addiction as I believed myself to be, but if I don’t address it, like any other addiction it will escalate and it is only a matter of time before it controls every aspect of my life.

This year my goal (the only goal I set for myself) was to once and for all reach my goal weight and become healthy and fit both mentally and physically. Part of that I knew had to address the mental side of how I am overweight to begin with or long term it will just be in vain. That is also one reason why for me I have not elected (although I have been tempted ) to have weight loss surgery because I know that surgery will not make my addiction go away in the long run. It has to be dealt with and managed as a holistic approach to my weight loss and health.

So, I have spent the entire month of January just laying the foundation for me to successfully reach my goal. In some ways it set me back and in other ways it has propelled me forward. Here are some of the things I knew I MUST have or do in order to achieve recovery from food addiction.

  1. I needed to accept the fact that I indeed  had a food addiction.
  2. I needed to find a support group that specialized in food addiction / compulsive overeating . I found 2 on Facebook which have been helpful so far.  I would recommend a 12 step program or counseling
  3. I needed to do some personal inventory on myself to understand why I developed this to begin with so I have been reading self help books and being honest with myself in order to help myself.
  4. I needed to find an accountability partner who could help hold me accountable and help me stay focused.
  5. I needed to understand that I must celebrate even the smallest of victories and see my failures as one step closer to success.
  6. I needed to make baby steps daily to change long-term.
  7. I needed to have a meal plan in place that is realistic for me and something my family can follow as well. (drinking Shakeology helps me here)
  8. I needed to log my food consumption so that I can be aware of exactly what I am eating.
  9. I created a Facebook group (if you want to join it let me know) of other people like myself who are working to get healthy and fit and we share successes and failures and I have found it quite helpful and effective. We keep each other motivated and encouraged. (This is different from having an accountability partner)
  10. I needed to commit to working out / exercising no less than 3 times a week. (My Beachbody workout programs help me in this area)

For me these are all the things I discovered are essential to my recovery and once and for all having the healthy lifestyle that I so truly and deeply desire. I know how to help people get healthy. I know how to help people work through their emotional issues that cause them to overeat.  It is easy to help others for many reasons. First and foremost it keeps me encouraged on my own journey. Second as long as I am focused on helping others I dont have to concentrate on myself as much… There is the solution ans that is to go on the journey with them and that is what I prefer.

One of the most healing and beautiful things I have learned through the process of getting emotionally and physically healthy is to embrace and love my body and to start showing it love through how I take care of it. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to learn and do in my life.

I am not licensed in anything other than driving and I don’t pretend I am an expert, BUT I can share with you through trial and error what I have learned and what I have shared with others that has helped us all on our way on the road to being healthy and healed.  If you find yourself needing help, I will help you and I will be honest with you about the changes you will need to make in order to live a better, healthier life. The first step and the most important step you will ever make is to reach out for help. When you do I will be there for you. You can contact me through the contact me tab at the top of this page. I would love to hear from you.



Shakeology Ingredient Magazine Article

shakeologycomparisonHello Boys and Girls!

In May of 2011 a very well known talk show host and owner and creator of a world famous Magazine did an 11 page article on Shakeology and its ingredients and the co-creator of this incredible SUPER FOOD! I can not post the name of the VERY WEALTHY and FAMOUS African American woman who is a talk show host and Magazine creator BUT you can read the entire article here >>> Click Here

The article was being written with the journalist on location while this video was being filmed >>> Click Here

Together these two sources of information are a compelling reason to be drinking Shakeology daily. I know that when I am consistent and drinking Shakeology once a day I NEVER get sick and I have incredible energy and I lose weight as well. It also curbs my cravings and my appetite as well.

Then I saw this video with 100 doctors on record endorsing  Shakeology’s health benefits then I knew I had to be doing something right! These Shakeology Doctors Reviews say it all! Click here to see what 100 doctors said about Shakeology >>> Click Here

I was recently participating in a discussion in a linkedin group and we were discussing the cost to eat healthy… I was surprised how many people could not see the value and savings in a meal that cost about $4 a meal packed full of superfoods that are indeed life saving yet they are ok with continuing to pay a doctor for their ill health and prescription meds. I know of so many people that have been able to come off of their Meds and or reverse illness and or NEVER get sick anymore.

I was one of those people! I went for 2 years with no illness until I got lazy about drinking my shake after my husband and mother passed away in 2011. I have recently started using it daily on a regular basis. I have learned my lesson the hard way! Shakeology is not something I should be compromising on when it comes to my health!

After just a few days of using Shakeology you notice a change. After 30 days of using Shakeology you are like, yeah there is something awesome about this and how it makes me feel. After 90 days of using Shakeology you will know that it is something you must not be without as you look and feel better than you ever had and people start to notice it in you!

When I first started using Shakeology years ago I conducted a Shakeology experiment to see if it was all they said it was and then I posted here on my blog… If you would like to read those posts you can find them here  on my blog at the bottom of this page. :)

So, knowing what you know now, why haven’t you ordered yours yet?

Order Shakeology Here



Bad Carbs Good Carbs Which Carbs Should You Eat?


Bad Carbs Good Carbs Which Carbs Should You Eat? The topic of carbohydrates can be very confusing when you are first learning to manage your carbohydrate intake. Eventually understanding which ones are good carbohydrates and which ones are bad carbohydrates becomes second nature and much easier with just a few simple tips to help you remember. Debbie Siebers, Slim in 6 Celebrity trainer has several suggestions for understanding how to use complex carbohydrates.

Contrary to popular belief complex carbs can be good for you. Not all carbs are the enemy. In moderation carbs are a healthy part of a well balanced diet.

Watch the short video below for Debbie’s Complex Carbohydrates Nutrition Tips and learn how easy it is to make these simple changes and help you lose weight and get healthy! If you would like one on one help let me know by contacting me thru the contact tab on this page :)

Are You Ready To Take Control Of You?


If you’re ready for a new and
improved you, then you definitely came to the right
place. I can help!

You most likely clicked on this link because you are sick of the way you look, the way you feel, and you’re looking for some answers on how to change that. I know the feeling because I’ve been there and I am still there. Nothing fits, or if it does, you’re just uncomfortable in your own skin. Well, I’ve got great news for you, hitting rock bottom can be a good thing. Yes! I was so uncomfortable with my body that I HAD TO change! So, Don’t despair! You can use this feeling of despair to make life long changes in your life.

As your coach, I am here to help you achieve YOUR goals and provide you with the SUPPORT that you need to go from where you are now to where you want to be! Using Beachbody’s programs and nutritionals, I have helped hundreds of customers achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals. If they can do it, why not you? Yes, you can!

So, this is the deal:

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = SUCCESS

Your First Steps to Getting

Choose Your Fitness Program and Shakeology flavor from among our many Challenge Packs.

No matter what your fitness level, we have a program that is right for you. I can help you select a program if you feel stuck. The Challenge Packs includes your fitness program and 30-day supply of Shakeology. In addition, you’ll have FREE 30-day access to our meal planner AND support tools. The wonderful thing about Beachbody fitness programs is that it gets rid of all the guesswork when it comes to both nutrition and exercise. You’ll know EXACTLY what to eat and how to exercise every single day! What’s more, you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is a dvd player or laptop!

2. Join Our Online Group for Support!

Once you order your Challenge Pack, you will be invited to join my Private Facebook Group for my clients only. The reason people often fail in their weightloss and fitness pursuits is because they lack the support and accountabilty. By being a part of the group, you will get all the support you need to make sure that you stay on your path to getting the body you want!


With our fitness programs, nutritionals, and a strong system of support we really have created a system that is proven to work! Beachbody is so sure of the integrity of their products that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please remember: The programs and support will help you get to where you want if you do your part! The tools and support are only as good as the person who commits to utilizing them!

If you’re unhappy with the way you feel RIGHT NOW then You Must TAKE ACTION TODAY. Tomorrow will never come.

Remember, you get:

  • Your Personalized Fitness Program

  • 30-day FREE access to meal plans and support tools

  • Private, exclusive support Facebook Group

  • Personal coach to work with every step of the way

  • Plus… A 30-day money back guarantee


Shakeology Discount

shakeo price discountHi Boys and Girls!

I am often asked “How can I save money on Shakeology?” or “Are there any Shakeology Discounts or Coupons” Well I have some great news for you! the answer is YES! Watch the video below as I tell you all the ways you can save money on your Shakeology order along with all the other Beachbody products ASAP with these exclusive Shakeology offers. Make sure you Fill in the form at the top of the page for more info on How to get Shakeology at a discount.  ***UPDATE HD shipping and handling is now $2.00


What is the #1 Health and Fitness Tip?

scrathingheadIt is so interesting to see and hear what most people think to be the #1 health and fitness tip. You hear all sorts of things like, drink 8 glasses of water, don’t eat starches and carbs, high protein, and  exercise, just to name a few. Well you may not realize this but although all of those things are very beneficial they are NOT the most important thing you can do to lose weight and get healthy.

So, what IS the most important health and fitness tip you ask? Well it is really much simpler than you think! It is portion control. Over the years the standard portions that we partake of have doubled and in some cases even tripled in size! This is a huge problem.  Luckily, the solution is really very easy.

Debbie Siebers, the creator of the popular Beachbody workout program Slim in 6, has made it easy to understand and implement! Take a look at this short video and see what she suggests. I found this video to be quite helpful in getting my portions under control. What are some things you do to get your portions right?

shakeology1Hi Beautiful People,

Chances are you have heard all about Nature’s Superfood Shakeology and either use it, have used it, or want to try it. I want to encourage you to use this daily! I used  it to lose over 100 lbs and over 60 inches while getting healthy on the inside.

I have a special LIMITED TIME offer for you. If you place an new order for Shakeology on home direct no later than August 31, 2013 aside from the the free shipping every month and the FREE gift that Beachbody gives you with your order, I will personally send you a full month supply of one of the following items of your choice (first come first serve) Activit Vitamins Metabolism Formula, Core Omega-3, Core Cal-Mag, or the Slimming Formula to try for a month just to see if you like them. After you order simply email me and let me know and I will ship it to you :)

If you have been thinking about trying Shakeology there is a 30 day bottom of the bag money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose other than making a wise investment in your health. At some point you will have to invest in your health you can make the choice and do it sooner or be forced to do it later when you may have medical issues that require medicine and even possibly hospitalization. You only have one body. Invest well. :)



Clean Eating For Teachers Made Easy




I love Teachers! Being a mother of 4 who worked full-time I know how hard it is to eat clean or even just cook food regardless plan a healthy meal for you and your family. I’m here to tell you though, there is a way. It may take a little pre planning but it works and your family and your mind, body, and spirit will be happy that you made this change.

For me, I drink natures SUPERFOOD ( Shakeology ) for my breakfast every morning when I remember! When I do remember to drink Shakeology I have tons of energy and feel better and I lose weight to boot! That’s just one meal of the day though. You still have to get through the rest of your day… this is where it gets tricky. When I worked my office would eat out everyday and it is easy to get caught up in that and it can also be expensive too.

Then you have dinner. If you work late I have found the later it got the less I cared what we had because I was just so tired. I have heard a teachers day does not end when they leave school… Imagine that. You mean they have kids and a family too??? I know with a little planning a prep teachers can eat clean too.

When I started looking into and researching clean eating I came across a blog called The Gracious Pantry She made a great post on her blog about Clean Eating For Teachers

I have found that accountability and support = positive life change and success. Getting your nutrition in order is the single most important thing you can do for your body and health. This is just a starting point we all have to start somewhere even if all you do is make small changes a little at a time.

If you would like my help Im happy to help you get fit and healthy one step at a time in a realistic time period with small life changes a few at a time. You can make me your coach by CLICKING HERE 

If you want to stream line your breakfast and get the most nutritional bang for your buck you can learn more about Shakeology by CLICKING HERE  You can even have Shakeology for lunch or more than once a day to help make it easier. What ever you choose, be consistent that is the key and I can help you with that :) Remember, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time 😉




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