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Les Mills Pump Flow Review Day 4


Hi Beautiful People!

I wanted to share my Les Mills Pump Flow review for day 4 with you. I really didn’t want to workout today but I found a way to make myself do it. Do you ever have days like that? I felt incredibly grateful for the health and fitness support I had to push through and just do it! In the video I share my thoughts on the whole thing. :)


Les Mills Pump Review Day 3

les mills3Hi Boys and Girls!

I just wanted to share this quick review of my Les Mills Pump day 3 video with you. Feeling good! Take a look! I love this Les Mills Pump home workout!


Les Mills Pump Challenge Day 1 Review

lmp_challenge_packs_170x100bHi Boys and Girls!

Yes, I am starting over on Les Mills Pump at home workout. I share my Les Mills Pump Challenge review Day 1 and my thoughts about starting over in the video below. If you would like to do Les Mills Pump with me contact me thru the contact tab at the top of the page and let me know!  You can get your own Les Mills Pump home workout program here and as a bonus you get ME as your personal coach for FREE  Click Here :)


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Weight 3/26/13

Weight 3/26/13





If you battle with your weight you understand how easy it is to fall into gaining weight back after losing it. Over the past few weeks I noticed my pants fitting a bit tighter. I hopped on the scale today to discover I have gained 17 pounds! This wont do at all!

February was a rough month for me with my late husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary along with alot of stress at work and a workout partner who quit on me. Somehow I turned to what I do best just functioning the best I could. Grabbing drive thru food almost daily and eating out several times a week. This lifestyle catches up with you.

I have said this before that I struggle to find balance. I have a great support team with my Beachbody team and even my Beachbody customers. The reality is I will always have to be on my guard when it comes to my weight. I have an addiction to food. I abuse it. When my life is chaotic so is my quality of nutrition. It isnt that I eat alot of food, it is the types of food I am choosing to eat. Calorie rich high fat foods with little nutritional value.

I took a picture of the scale today so you can see that I am being truthful with you as I always have been. It is also a form of accountability for me that seems to help me. By sharing it with the world I have to accept it as being real and that means I have to face it and deal with it.

I am always working towards my goals of getting fit and being healthy even when I backslide I do my best to get right back on track! Thomas Eddison failed over a thousand times before he succeeded. If I have to fail over and over while reaching my goal then I have in fact succeeded.

I stopped having Shakeology for breakfast once a day for starters and that was a big mistake! I will change that starting tomorrow morning. The next thing is to stick with my workout program whatever it may be. I completed 47 days of Les Mills Pump and I loved it. I also tried Zumba very recently and it was alot of fun. Im thinking of doing Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire for a round to see what I can do with it. Either way I will be working out!

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I have now completed 3 days of my new Les Mills Pump home workout program. I LOVE this workout program! It is so much fun!

Day 1 of my Les Mills Pump Challenge workout I decided not to use the weights but to only use the bar. Although I did feel a little sore after I didnt really feel as if I was truly feeling it.

Day 2 of my Les Mills workout was a REST DAY! So yep I took it! It was great too! :)

Day 3 of my Les Mills Pump Challenge workout I decided to go ahead and add the 5lb weights to my barbell and I think that was the magic number! I could feel the burn and towards the end I could feel my muscles quivering from the Rep Effect! It was great! Again I must say I love this program!

So far I feel this is a very realistic and doable program that as I get further along into my program I can see my body and my mind evolving into something magnificent! I cant Wait!

Try Les Mills Pump Click Here

What Comes With Les Mills Pump Home Workout?

I just read the fitness and nutrition guide that comes with my Les Mills Pump program and I learned alot! I Learned that there is alot of culture behind this program dating back hundreds of years.

The Maori culture of New Zealand is what this program is inspired by. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. They came from Polynesia hundreds of years agoand much of their culture is still thriving in New Zealand.

I saw the music selctions for the programs and cant wait to workout to these songs! I think I feel like moving and time flies when I have great music to listen to while working out!

I am excited about the Les Mills Pump nutrition plan and also the way the program is set up. They emphasise taking your rest days when recommended and listening to your body. I like that.

They have some Maori sayings that I will be applying in my life

Kia Ora means “Hi” and “Be well”
Te Wero means “The challenge”
Panoni means “The Change”
Kia Kaha means “Be strong”

Will keep you posted! I start tomorrow! I posted a video on my youtube channel of all that came with my Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack! Contact me on how to get your challenge pack or visit www.YourFunCoach.com