(This Video was filmed last year. Beachbody has since donated over $200,000.00 to Raincatcher)

I wanted to share this with you today. I read this post on our CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler’s blog and I had to share it with you.

Beachbody is truly a company that gives back and this is proof! If you don’t think that your Non -Profit would benefit from being a Beachbody Non-Profit coach then I would say that $280,000.00 later you would be wrong.

Thinks of the people you could help, the things you could accomplish with this unique opportunity.  Read on….

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tanks A Lot!

We have given over $280,000 to Raincatcher.org so they could install water “catcher” tanks at schools in Africa and provide filtration systems to Haiti as they hit a brutal crisis in available drinking water.

The efforts of Mark Armfield and Jack Rose are amazing and selfless. And they were so enthusiastic about the contributions of Team Beachbody that they went ahead and signed up as a non-profit coach as well!

And it’s great to see how coaches are embracing this relief effort. I had dinner with a coach last week who works with high net worth financial guys, and when they ask him for fitness advice (and generally are not inclined to participate in the coach business) he asks them to donate to RainCatchers in exchange for his advice!

Water tanks have been installed. 12 schools already have rainwater harvesting systems and water storage tanks plus the guys have distributed 1,500 water filters, buckets and portable rain catching systems.

Now they are working on supplying water to the next ten schools and implementing an education program around the importance of water filtration and the systems that have been installed.

Exciting things are happening, and the big heart of Team Beachbody grows bigger by the day!

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