Today was a great day! Beautiful Texas day! One of the things I love about my life is I can take the time and truly appreciate the little things that make such a difference in my life everyday.

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with one of my Beachbody Customers that Beachbody has so generously given me for FREE!

He is doing Shaun T’s Insanity workout program. When I asked him how he was doing with his new fitness program he explained to me that he had been doing it off and on and had been struggling a little bit with the Pre workouts. After speaking with him I was able to determine that he was still working out but he was trying to build up to being able to be more consistent with the more advanced workout.

One of the things that I suggested to him which he had already thought of is starting over from day one and actually using the routine schedule provided with the Insanity program. The other thing I suggested was that he hold back a bit in his workouts for the 1st 2 weeks until his body adjusted to the new exercises it would be doing. Tony Horton (P90X Creator)actually suggest this as well with any workout you do. Dont go in with your guns a blazing and get yourself so sore that you can barely move! Hold back a little bit. Your body will thank you.

Ending our conversation I felt inspired by my client. I also had a sense that he was inspired by me as well. He said it was like I was meant to call because it was just what he needed to keep going and to get on track.

This is what I love about being a Beachbody Coach! It is the people you get to know and help through the process of helping yourself. By being a coach I have to hold myself accountable. At the same time my clients also hold me accountable too. I have to walk the walk NOT just talk the talk.

Beachbody got it right when they decided that each and every customer needed a personal coach to help them get fit and healthy. This is why they created the Home business opportunity in the 1st place. Not with the idea that it would be more profitable, but with the idea that they needed to be able to follow up and follow thru with each and every one of the millions of customers that they get from their top infomercials.

I am so thankful for my coaching business. I hope to find many more people who are just like me to help me end the trend of obesity once and for all. Join my team today and we can!



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