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Hello All,

I just wanted to share something very close to my heart with you today. Something on the personal side. Maybe you can relate, and maybe you can’t.  My hopes are that after reading this somehow it will change your life.

I have always been a fat Kid, Fat adult, Fat person.   I have had times when I was not AS fat as others.  I have also had a time in my life when I was over 320 lbs!

Some of you may know from personal experience what it feels like to be this overweight. Some of you may not.

Some of you may know how hopeless you feel at such a weight.  Some of you may not.

Some of you may know how it feels to be made fun of for being fat.  Some of you may not.

Some of you may know how it feels to not be able to breathe.  Some of you may not.

Some of you may know how it feels to be addicted to food.  Some of you may not.

Some of you may know how it feels to feel ugly and unworthy of love.  Some of you may not.

I have been face to face with all these feelings at one time or another in my life. I can tell you from personal experience that when you have 50, 100, 200,  lbs to lose you dont think it is possible. You cant see yourself ever achieving such a feat.

I am here to say it can be done.  It  wont be easy and it will take time, but it can happen.

It isn’t about  dieting or diet pills. It is about learning how to have a new relationship with your body.  With your food.  With physical activity.  Only you can make these changes, but I can tell you that there is support if you are willing to accept help in making that change.

Nothing, and I mean nothing in your life will ever change until YOU decide it will. It requires not all at once drastic changes, but reasonable changes a little bit at a time always progressing forward every 2 weeks with new changes.  This is where you are not on a diet, but you are creating a lifestyle that you can live with.

Food addiction is really different than any other addiction. With drugs and alcohol you can remove yourself from situations that tempt you. You have to go out and seek it to use it. With food you have to face it all day everyday. You have to have food to live.

I have spent lots of time working on my thinking and my “relationships” so to speak.  I know that that has to be a part of it.  You have to change the way you think about yourself and everything else for that matter. I highly suggest the book by Rhonda Bryne “The Secret” . This book changed my life! Ask anyone who knows me. Start there. You can find it online or at most bookstores.

Remember, when you are ready to make that change, that commitment, I will be here to help you every step of the way.  I can too, because I know how it feels to be where you are right now.

I have now lost 70lbs and 50+ inches  through small changes at a time. I still have over 100 lbs to go to get to my goal.  The biggest thing I had to learn is to accept where I am now knowing where I will be going =) Contact me if you would like me to be your health and fitness coach. My coaching is FREE , but I do expect commitment, not to me but to yourself.

You can contact me here or call 214-382-6562



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