It is the bodys natural process to hit a plateau during an exercise program because the body is always trying to regulate itself.

Steve Edward talks about avoiding or at least minimizing the dreaded exercise plateau. One of the things to remember with exercise is that you need to break habbits from time to time which is why most exercise programs are broken up into phases or blocks…

The Foundation Phase: Is to build base fitness

The Adaptive phase: which is where you learn to master the movements.

The Growth Phase: Is where you make accelerated progress

The Recovery Phase: When you back of and let your body recover from the workouts.

A plateau can occur when you stay in any one phase for too long or you dont push your body hard enough. Here are a few strategies that can help you get out of it:

First thing you need to try is the back off phase because one of the main reasons for plateau is over training or staying in any one phase for too long. The recovery phase is built into a workout program for a reason. When it is time to back off you have to back off. Now that doesnt mean to stop exercising completely it just means to lower the intensity of your workout to promote healing.

Plateau can also happen when your bored or pre-occupied or just aren’t working as hard as you could be. Maybe what you need to do is switch it up a bit by adding some resistance bands or adding weights and increasing the intensity or your workout. By doing this you force your body to adapt then you are back in a new phase and no more plateau.

You can also try streamlining your diet. Most of us could be a bit more strict in that department. If you have been giving yourself little food rewards for a job well done then it is time to stop. Try eating ultra strict for a week and see if that helps. Also try some cardio in the morning maybe 20 minutes or so which will jumpstart your metabolism. If you do it on an empty stomach you get the added benefit of training your body to use FAT FOR FUEL.

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