I weighed again yesterday to see another 6 pounds dropped!!!

That is a total weight loss of 24 lbs lost in 4 weeks just using Shakeology Chocolate meal replacement shake.

I am not dieting. I am not taking diet pills. I am simply using Shakeology 1 time a day in place of one meal. some days I might even forget.

My cravings have really been virtually elminated (almost) Plus I am actually saving money since I no longer need vitamins and supplements or diet pills.

What changes have I noticed since using Shakeology?

Welll I have more energy.
My hair skin and nails look better.
I have lost 24 lbs of fat and I am still losing
I am more relaxed and calm not as stressed out all the time.
I am not hungry as often.
Not craving bad for me food as much. When I go to Sonic and NOTHING looks good to me except the Banana I know that something has changed lol… I have started getting route 44 water at Sonic. I so still get Coke but for now it isnt effecting my weight loss and I am not drinking as much of it either. I end up most days dumping out the last 1/4 of it. For me that is big progress =)

My husband has seen my results and has started his 1st day of Shakeology today. I will keep you posted on his weight loss.

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