tony fed TBB Challenge winner januaryI felt inspired to do a series of stories about people who have all lost weight 30 lbs or more to be exact and how they did it. What inspired this change in them and how they got there and how it has transformed their lives in general.

My first story is about a friend and fellow colleague of mine  Team Beachbody Coach Tony Federico. When I met Tony he was already on his journey and had lost a few lbs and had just become a Beachbody Coach. We met at one of Tony Horton’s P90X live workouts here in Dallas. That would become one of many workouts that Tony and I would do together as the years passed.

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Tony has been an inspiration and support to me all along my journey and I hope his story will motivate and inspire you as well. Tony also won $1000 dollars in the Team Beachbody Challenge by simply sharing his before and after pictures and story (I had been telling him to do this for years) I recently interviewed Tony and asked him a series of questions about his health and weight loss transformation and here is what he had to say…

Tony in jeans

1. Tell me a little about you as a person. “I’m 5’8” I’m 41 , married with 2 kids , I am an IT professional, and a Team Beachbody Coach. I currently live in Plano, TX”

2. How much did you weigh and how much did you lose? “I weighed 211 pounds at my heaviest. I lost 51 pounds and went from a size 36 inch waist to a 31 inch waist

3.When did you become overweight? “I have always been heavy even while in the Marines.  I was at the high end the of the weight range but just within regulation. After leaving the Marines and not being active any longer the weight started coming on.”

4. What kind of relationship with food have you had throughout your life? “If I was hungry I ate. I would get whatever was available. I would eat till I was full. And I drank a lot of beer”

5. Where you ever active before gaining the weight? “I would only do what I had to in the Marines. I never worked out just because I wanted to.”

6. What was the pivotal moment you knew you wanted and needed to lose weight? ” I was sitting in my air conditioned house in the middle of the summer watching TV and started to sweat, and I realized this wasn’t right.”

7. What do you feel contributed to your being overweight? “Eating what ever I wanted whenever I wanted, and lack of physical activity I was very sedentary and I liked it!”

8. How did you lose your weight? “I lost my weight thru exercise and eating right … I started with weight watchers and lost some weight. Then I started eating again,  and couldn’t stick to it, and I still wasn’t moving.  After that I gained about 23 lbs.  I decided to try a workout program that I saw on TV that a friend was using as well called P90X by Tony Horton. P90X implemented exercise and a meal plan.  I also decided to drink Shakeology which was suggested in the P90x program. I used a lot of the P90x supplements, P90X protein bars, and P90X recovery drinks.  It was just easier for me to get all of my stuff from one place online than to hunt it down! I was also sold on it because the same company who made the program also made the supplements so I knew they would all work together!”

9. What lifestyle changes had to be made for you to succeed? ” I cut out all “POP”  I cut out all alcohol I don’t eat sweets. I made a conscious effort to eat clean. I also had the support of my wife who made sure we as a family made a choice to do this. I also had a Beachbody coach who was there when I needed him.  I also think that my decision to become a Beachbody coach was a great decision for many reasons because I initially became a coach for the discount on my P90X products and supplements. I have learned that It is so much more to me than that now.”

10. How long did it take you to lose your weight? “It took me maybe a year.”

11. What was the most important thing that kept you on track on your journey? “My before pics and my Facebook profile… I had accountability to the public there!”

12. During your journey have you ever fallen off the wagon? “No I  am T-Fed! But seriously of course I have . I would go out with my friends and drink a little and eat something I wasn’t supposed too and then felt guilty about it the next day.  I don’t slip up as often anymore cause I know how I will feel the next day and I will have wasted all the work fora few drinks and some fatty fat food!”

13. What one piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to lose weight? “Don’t give up, take it one day at a time. It is not a sprint it is a marathon.”

14. Do you have before and after pics? “Yes”

15. Which Beachbody Programs have you used? “I have used and still use P90X, P90X2 , Insanity, T25 P90x3″

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