If you have struggled with losing weight on yuor own you are NOT alone. Millions of people Just like you struggle with it everyday. Moms, Husbands, and hardworking folks but after years of searching these people finally found a way to get healthy by uniting their desire to lose weight with a power they new they could depend on … Faith.

Introducing Body Gospel. some would call it a party with a purpose, and the purpose is to give you the health and fitness you so desire.

Body Gospel is a breakthrough concept in health and fitness developed by inspirational fitness legend Donna Richardson Joiner. Donna Spent years pumping up sell out crowds while helping men and women of all shapes and sizes lose the weight and get healthy.

Her secret is incorperating her breakthrough workout with the power of FAITH and now she has made Body Gospel available to you as the first faith based in home fitness program. 

Donna feels that what makes Body Gospel different is the fact that it has a variety of workouts like conditioning , cardio, stretch, resistance training, circut, and the foundation of the workout is GOD.

Body Gospel is the first faith based in home fitness program set to incredible gospel music. That makes it easy for beginers and effective for everyone.

So cherish the gift of life he has given you and join us in this powerful fellowship of fitness because with Body Gospel, if you believe, you WILL succeed.

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