I have now completed 3 days of my new Les Mills Pump home workout program. I LOVE this workout program! It is so much fun!

Day 1 of my Les Mills Pump Challenge workout I decided not to use the weights but to only use the bar. Although I did feel a little sore after I didnt really feel as if I was truly feeling it.

Day 2 of my Les Mills workout was a REST DAY! So yep I took it! It was great too! :)

Day 3 of my Les Mills Pump Challenge workout I decided to go ahead and add the 5lb weights to my barbell and I think that was the magic number! I could feel the burn and towards the end I could feel my muscles quivering from the Rep Effect! It was great! Again I must say I love this program!

So far I feel this is a very realistic and doable program that as I get further along into my program I can see my body and my mind evolving into something magnificent! I cant Wait!

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