I have been in Beachbody since August of 2008. Beachbody released Shakeology last year and I was NOT interested in using it. Luckily I tried it once last year but didnt keep using it because I am a Chocolate lover and I ordered the Greenberry Shakeology.

The Greenberry Shakeology is great! I love mixing Greenberry with apple juice and a banana, but I didn tlove it enough to do it consistently. I finally decided to give the Chocolate Shakeology a try, and boy am I glad I did!

The Chocolate is the richest, darkest yummy chocolate taste using only the best chocolate ingredients. I love mixing it with just cold milk or even cold water. I dont like adding Ice to mine but some people may.

So 2 weeks ago today I started the Shakeology 3-day Cleanse. You can find the instructions for the cleanse >>> here

On my Shakeology 3-day Cleanse I actually lost 4 lbs! When my cleanse was over I decided to replace only one meal a day with the Shakeology since it is the best meal replacement Shake on the planet. That is all I have done and I have lost 12 lbs as of yesterday.

Shakeology isnt just for wieght loss it is for proper nutrion, whole food nutrition full of prebiotics and all kinds of good for you ingredients that will average around $3 per serving. This is chump change compared to what it would cost you to purchase all of the ingredients in Shakeology individually and they wouldnt even be the highest quality of the ingredients like you can find in Shakeology. It would cost you $47 per glass to even attempt to make it on your own. More reasons why you should order Shakeology =)

Watch the video below to see why 25 doctors are recommending Shakeology to their patients.

To Order your own Shakeology >>> Click Here

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