Ok so I am a little behind this week on my updates.  Monday marked the 5th week of my Shakeology use. Here is what happened.

I lost no weight in my 5th week and didnt gain either. I did lose another 2 inches though. Luckily becuase of all of the educating that Beachbody gives their coaches I realize that this is a normal thing and it was expected as well.

My body is simply reseting itself. After losing 24 pounds it has to reset, and adjust accordingly. So I am very happy with my results this far. There is a chance that I wont see a weight loss in my 6th week as well but that too can be expected.

I will be increasing my water consumption this week and eliminating or cutting back some things from my diet although I will still NOT be dieting but instead changing somethings that I might be consuming that aren’t beneficial to my health like soda consumption, or how much fast food I mmight be eating allthough I have cut way back on that. I will also pay attention to my portions. I do notice that sometimes even when I am full I still keep eating lol… just because of the clean your plate syndrome I was raised with.

I have already cut alot of this just naturally by using the Shakeology. Now I am in phase 2 though and I must focus a bit more on the logistics if I want to keep loosing. The good news is I will still lose no matter what as long as I am using the Shakeology but I really want to see maximum results.

I will keep you posted. Also if you are using Shakeology and have any questions feel free to contact me here or by phone or look me  up on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or you can even join “My Beachbody Fan Page” on facebook to get more support.

You can also join our online Super gym free  and become my workout buddy just visit  www.yourfuncoach.com  to get your free membership. This is also where I track my weight loss and inches. My username is Beachmommy.

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