I have really enjoyed my 9 week Shakeology journey!

I did my weigh in today and measured and I entered my numbers into the Free WOWY Fitness tool  that will track your progress for you which makes it super easy to do! Click here to get the FREE WOWY Fitness Tool

Well, in week 9 my weight stayed the same. I did lose 5 more inches from my waist, hips, and thighs!!! I love it !!! I have increased my workouts and I know that adds muscle which weighs more than fat which is great because muscle burns fat faster. For instance at a resting metabolic rate muscle burns 6 calories per hour were non muscle only burns 2 calories per hour.

I really do notice how much better I feel all around. I have noticed a huge decrease in my appetite and my cravings have been reduced drastically! I seem to also just naturally want healthier food. It is almost like my body is telling me what it needs now, where  before I wasnt listening =)

So a few things that you might want to know about Shakeology…

It is gluten Free, it does have some milk based products in it but I havent heard of any of my milk allergy customers having issues with it however, you will want to judge that for yourself you may be different.

Beachbody just released a new video with 35 !!! Doctors now ALL recomending Shakeology as a must have for good health. 

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See What 35 Doctors said about Shakeology watch the video above

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