Well I have FINALLY started the 3- Day Shakeology Cleanse! I got my chocolate Shakeology on Friday and couldnt wait to get started. The chocolate shakeology by the way is DELICIOUS! I like the greenberry too but I am a chocolate lover! I just mixed it with a cup of cold water and some ice cubes and it reminded me of a frozen mocha drink from Starbucks yum!

So far so good on my cleanse. I am brewing some green tea as I type this since that is a vital part of the cleanse. I am NOT a green tea lover but it is very high in antioxidents and used periodicaly for that purpose of cleansing I will manage somehow to drink it lol….

I have done lots of cleanses where I feel like I am starving or I feel like I have to stay close to the bathroom all day, but this one is different. You actually get to have 3 Shakeology meal replacement shakes through out the course of the day, a snack, 2 cups of green tea, and a delicious salad with 4 oz of lean white meat protien for dinner. I would say this is not suffering at all, in fact it is extremely easy and I cant believe I waited so long to do it.

I can’t wait to post my results in 3 days so stay tuned. Yuo can subscribe to my blog for my latest updates. Also if you have or are currently doing the Shakeology 3-day cleanse please post and share your results. Dont forget to measure and weigh since it reduces bloating I can imagine some major inch loss in the stomach for most people.

Doctors are even recomending Shakeology as the healthiest and BEST meal replacement shake in history. They are even willing to go on camera to support Shakeology whole food nutrition. Watch the short video below to see what 25 doctors said about Shakeology. Then order your Shakeology today and start your 3-Day cleanse.

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