Hi Everyone,

Tonight was a great workout! My P90X Day 15 workout was none other than Core Synergistics. This workout kicked my butt, but it is getting easier for me to do.

I am so sore! I can tell I am really working all of my core muscles and they are responding. I have been working them all along but the more flexible I become and the stronger I become the better I can do the exercise moves which means I will have a better result over all from my workouts.

Very Exciting to me to see such progress in myself. Such determination to not quit! I can tell you that P90X truly changes your confidence level. Your ability to achieve your goals if you follow the program. Having a coach makes this alot easier. Even though I am a Beachbody coach and I help others get healthy and fit using the Beachbody programs and nutrition, I too need a coach. I need that accountability. I also need the praise. That is why coaching is such a beautiful thing.

Well, today starts me and my daughter on week 3 of our program. Next week our P90X schedule will change as we go into week 4 of P90X Lean program the order of the workouts we are doing now will change. Time to confuse those muscles! Wish Me luck!

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