Hi boys and girls!

I just wanted to share with you how my day 6 on P90X Kenpo X went.

We needed to get our yard looking good for Easter, so I went out and trimmed bushes and bamboo etc… At this point I had NOT done my workout yet! BIG mistake! My muscles were so shakey from trimming all the bushes and stuff that I was sure I would not be able to do my day 6 Kenpo X workout. I decided I would still give it a try. Within the 1st 5 minutes I was done! I was exhausted! BUT… I finished it anyway. I was only at about 50% of strength if that. I was able to do all of the moves with some modifying.

Tony keeps talking about “bonking” I think this is where you have not taken in enough food for fuel and so you feel spent during your workout. I think if I had not gone outside and trimmed bushes and bamboo for an hour an a half I would have been fine. I used my fuel reserves on that. Big mistake! But hey my yard looks good!

I need to be more aware of this type of thing and plan better. I wonder in a situation like that where I do an intense workout in doing the yard would it count as a workout when doing P90X? Some of you P90 X peeps can maybe answer that for me.

So, today is my day 7 and I chose to take the rest which I spent all day working and cooking so it wasnt much rest lol…. I decided to go ahead and post this blog to keep all you anxious readers informed! lol…

I AM SO SORE!!! I may change my mind about stretching ….

Well I did it! I completed my 1st week of P90X! now only 11 more to go! I cant wait to measure on my 30 day mark.

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