I feel such a sense of accomplishment! I completed the whole 1st week of P90X phase 1. I am doing the Lean program. I can already see a difference in my body. It seems to be changing shape which is great!

Last night I did Day 8 which happened to be Core Synergistics. I was amazed at how much more of the program I could do over the previous week! So inspiring! I feel so motivated to keep pushing play!

Ironically, a friend of mine asked me if truthfully I would still be doing it in 2 more weeks? I said ABSOLUTELY! I simply cant imagine not completing this program now that I have started it. I know in the past I have not committed long term to any one program in particular as I said before I was playing the field! lol

One of the things I learned from my day 8 workout was to ENGAGE. Make sure and engage every core muscle in every move I do. Engage in the moves, be in the moment truly focused on what I am doing.

Well, thats it for now! Tonight I have Cardio X and I am really looking forward to it! Please leave me a comment below and share your story or tips with me. Please subscribe to my blog in the top right hand corner of this page =)

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