Have you ever thought it would be great to workout with a personal trainer? Do you feel that you couldnt possibly lose weight and get in shape by doing a home workout routine versus going to the gym and lifting weights and hiring a personal trainer? Well the good news is that you can…

Many people shy away from workout videos and workout DVD s because they feel that they may not see the same results with a home excercise routine as they would with a personal fitness Trainer at the gym.

Team Beach body has several fitness programs for just about any fitness level whether you are looking for a begginer workout, a boot camp workout, dance workout, kids workout, or extreme workouts we have it all. Team Beachbody believes in working out with you hence the phrase Personal Training…. you are personaly training yourself.

Team beach body has so many Free and Member tools that you can use to lose the weight you want and tone and sculpt your body. One of the many Free tools is WOWY which means work out with you. WOWY is an online fitness community that gives you all the health and fitness support you want from all the other community members just like you. You can even do an online workout with your fitness buddies. It will even track your progress when you enter your weight and inches. All for FREE!

As a paid member of our Team Beach Body Club you have access to many health and fitness tools and tips including a revolutionary new meal plan tool designed to meet your needs and keep you on track with your weight loss goals. Even better than that you will have access to beachbody experts and even our celebrity trainers along with all of the benefits form bing a WOWY member.

There are so many programs to chose from with Beach Body that it really just depends on what you are looking for. If you like a dance workout then you may want to try Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs or even Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam. For the more extreme workout program you may want to try Tony Horton’s P90X or even Shaun T’s Insanity which boasts burning 1000 calories per workout! There is Slim in 6 which is geared more towards being a workout for women but I know there are planty of men who use it too.

All in all the conclusion is that there are millions of people using many different beach body exercise programs and getting the same if not better results than they would get working out with a personal trainer, not to mention all the money they save by not having to pay for a gym membership and trainer fees.

Beach Body has even gone one step further and added a home business opportunity. You can now coach others into health and save money on all of your favorite Team Beachbody products and, increase your income at the same time with your new business venture.

To get started on your new fitness program or to join any of our clubs or to get you own Beachbody Business click here

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