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In May of 2011 a very well known talk show host and owner and creator of a world famous Magazine did an 11 page article on Shakeology and its ingredients and the co-creator of this incredible SUPER FOOD! I can not post the name of the VERY WEALTHY and FAMOUS African American woman who is a talk show host and Magazine creator BUT you can read the entire article here >>> Click Here

The article was being written with the journalist on location while this video was being filmed >>> Click Here

Together these two sources of information are a compelling reason to be drinking Shakeology daily. I know that when I am consistent and drinking Shakeology once a day I NEVER get sick and I have incredible energy and I lose weight as well. It also curbs my cravings and my appetite as well.

Then I saw this video with 100 doctors on record endorsingĀ  Shakeology’s health benefits then I knew I had to be doing something right! These Shakeology Doctors Reviews say it all! Click here to see what 100 doctors said about Shakeology >>> Click Here

I was recently participating in a discussion in a linkedin group and we were discussing the cost to eat healthy… I was surprised how many people could not see the value and savings in a meal that cost about $4 a meal packed full of superfoods that are indeed life saving yet they are ok with continuing to pay a doctor for their ill health and prescription meds. I know of so many people that have been able to come off of their Meds and or reverse illness and or NEVER get sick anymore.

I was one of those people! I went for 2 years with no illness until I got lazy about drinking my shake after my husband and mother passed away in 2011. I have recently started using it daily on a regular basis. I have learned my lesson the hard way! Shakeology is not something I should be compromising on when it comes to my health!

After just a few days of using Shakeology you notice a change. After 30 days of using Shakeology you are like, yeah there is something awesome about this and how it makes me feel. After 90 days of using Shakeology you will know that it is something you must not be without as you look and feel better than you ever had and people start to notice it in you!

When I first started using Shakeology years ago I conducted a Shakeology experiment to see if it was all they said it was and then I posted here on my blog… If you would like to read those posts you can find them hereĀ  on my blog at the bottom of this page. :)

So, knowing what you know now, why haven’t you ordered yours yet?

Order Shakeology Here



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