How to get a free P90x Workout program? I am sure you have scoured the internet for a FREE copy of Tony Horton’s P90X Extreme Training System. You might find some P90X bootleg copies somewhere, BUT they will never provide you with all the proper P90X tools you need to succeed and see results with P90X. Do you know what makes ordering an authentic copy of P90X worth every penny? It is the fact that when you order P90X (Click to order P90x)   from me or any other Team Beachbody Coach, you get our personal one on one health and fitness coaching and support for FREE! Yes, free…

You see, Beachbody hasn’t always offered a free personal coach with their workouts. Up until several years ago, there were not Team Beachbody coaches to offer you support. Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody realized they were not helping people get healthy if people were just going to order the Beachbody workout programs and then never use them, or quit using them and get discouraged and give up! Carl considered adding more customer service reps and call centers to meet the need of the Beachbody customers but he didn’t feel like that was the level of support he wanted to offer. Carl noticed that in the Beachbody customer forums / online community that customers where actually helping and encouraging each other on their programs. This gave birth to the idea of creating what is now termed ” The Team Beachbody Coach”.

What is a Team Beachbody Coach? Well, it is someone who partners with Team Beachbody and an Independent Representative of the company. A home based business that rivals all other business opportunities. Why is this? Well, Beachbody was an established and highly successful Television Infomercial company bringing the best health and fitness products to your living room via TV for years before they ever saw a need to add the home based business opportunity into the mix. You see the products came first, not the biz op. Most companies come up with a home business idea or home business model and then they try to plug a product into that business model… Do you see anything wrong with that? Hmmm… (wheels in my head turning)

Beachbody spends millions of dollars a year marketing their highly sought after and extremely popular health and fitness products and programs (P90X, Insanity, 21 Day fix, Turbo Fire, T25, etc…) Then, when those people pick up a phone and order from those infomercials they are given a FREE Team Beachbody coach to help them reach their goals and stick with the program the chose. What does that mean for qualified Team Beachbody Coaches? FREE CUSTOMERS from the company. With thousands of people ordering from Beachbody infomercials a day, that is a pretty lucrative incentive to say the least.

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