I was talking to my Mother in law today and happened to mention that I was emailing a client. She asked me if it was for work and I told her no, that it was for my Beachbody Business. She asked me how long I had been with Beachbody I replied that I had been doing it for a year and a half.

She couldnt understand why I had never metioned it to her. She then asked me what Beachbody was? I explained to her that it was a Health and fitness company that has top celebrity trainers such as Tony Horton creator of P90X, Shaun T creator of Hip Hop abs and Insanity, and Debbie Seibers creator of Slim in 6 just to name a few. To my suprise she had heard of all of them through the many infomercial ads that are running 24/7.

She informes me that she had just last night taken down the info to order P90X for herself but wasnt sure if she would be able to physically do it. I told her that Tony Horton the same trainer that created P90X also had a workout for Kids called Tony and the Kids and one for people over the Age of 55 and older that is low impact, fun, and only takes 30 minutes.

She wanted to know more so we looked up the information for the workout called Tony and Folks. Here is what we learned:

It’s never too late to get fit!
Now there’s a great way for anyone age 55 and up, with the help of Tony Horton himself!
It’s Tony & the Folks! A fun half hour of fitness for anyone who wants to ease into a new exercise program. You’ll get the heart pumping and blood flowing with each low-impact exercise presented in this program.

Tony keeps you motivated

In just over 30 minutes, Tony & the Folks! will help you:

Increase energy
Reduce joint stiffness
Improve flexibility, strength, and balance
All the moves in this program offer alternate positions to increase or decrease the intensity. It’s truly one of the most entertaining ways to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle for someone new to fitness.

After you experience the benefits of this low-impact workout, you’ll get Tony’s take on maintaining good health and fitness habits in a special “chat with Tony.”

Recommended for kids age 55–75! A small pillow, light weights (even soup cans will do), and a chair are all you need to get started.

A portion of the proceeds goes to Concern Foundation, an organization dedicated to funding cancer research. Concern Foundation is an independent volunteer organization dedicated to funding basic cancer research. It has helped raise over $23 million for cancer research since its inception.

This workout is only $9.95! You can’t beat that price….

I learned alot today about something I have not really looked into. That is that there are people age 55 and older that are in need of a great low impact aerobic workout that can accomadate them and their unique needs. Then to learn that part of the proceeds go to help find a cure for cancer is even more of a reason why I am highlighting this Gem of a workout today. Pick one up for the Folks in your life and make a difference in their life and the lives of people living with cancer.

Order your copy today by clicking here. You can even have it direct shipped to the person you would like to recieve it.

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