Weight 3/26/13

Weight 3/26/13





If you battle with your weight you understand how easy it is to fall into gaining weight back after losing it. Over the past few weeks I noticed my pants fitting a bit tighter. I hopped on the scale today to discover I have gained 17 pounds! This wont do at all!

February was a rough month for me with my late husbands birthday and our wedding anniversary along with alot of stress at work and a workout partner who quit on me. Somehow I turned to what I do best just functioning the best I could. Grabbing drive thru food almost daily and eating out several times a week. This lifestyle catches up with you.

I have said this before that I struggle to find balance. I have a great support team with my Beachbody team and even my Beachbody customers. The reality is I will always have to be on my guard when it comes to my weight. I have an addiction to food. I abuse it. When my life is chaotic so is my quality of nutrition. It isnt that I eat alot of food, it is the types of food I am choosing to eat. Calorie rich high fat foods with little nutritional value.

I took a picture of the scale today so you can see that I am being truthful with you as I always have been. It is also a form of accountability for me that seems to help me. By sharing it with the world I have to accept it as being real and that means I have to face it and deal with it.

I am always working towards my goals of getting fit and being healthy even when I backslide I do my best to get right back on track! Thomas Eddison failed over a thousand times before he succeeded. If I have to fail over and over while reaching my goal then I have in fact succeeded.

I stopped having Shakeology for breakfast once a day for starters and that was a big mistake! I will change that starting tomorrow morning. The next thing is to stick with my workout program whatever it may be. I completed 47 days of Les Mills Pump and I loved it. I also tried Zumba very recently and it was alot of fun. Im thinking of doing Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire for a round to see what I can do with it. Either way I will be working out!

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