I saw this on Yahoo this morning and thought to myself how much I relyon fast food when I havent properly planned my day or my meals.

I may try to make healthier choices when ordering but it is what it is fast food and I pay for it along with my family with our health.

Fast food can also hit your pocket book as well. Eating out can really add up and could even mean the difference in some cases of the ability to pay your bills, or by new clothes, or afford medical care if needed.

To see what is considered to be the WORST fast food meals in America Click here

At least you will see what you should absolutley stay away from and possibly even make better choices or even swear off eating fast food all together and take the money you save and go on a vacation or a shopping spree because you will have lost weight no doubt.

I have found that by using Shakeology for that meal on the go I can be on the run and healthy. It does require minimal planing but it is worth it to be healthier. Plus the money I save by not eating out pays for my Shakeology.

To learn more about Shakeology and how it can help you get healthy and save you money CLick Here 

By the Way did I mention I have lost almost 30 lbs and 19 inches using Shakeology for only 8 weeks! Not to mention I feel healthier too.

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