What Comes With Les Mills Pump Home Workout?

I just read the fitness and nutrition guide that comes with my Les Mills Pump program and I learned alot! I Learned that there is alot of culture behind this program dating back hundreds of years.

The Maori culture of New Zealand is what this program is inspired by. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. They came from Polynesia hundreds of years agoand much of their culture is still thriving in New Zealand.

I saw the music selctions for the programs and cant wait to workout to these songs! I think I feel like moving and time flies when I have great music to listen to while working out!

I am excited about the Les Mills Pump nutrition plan and also the way the program is set up. They emphasise taking your rest days when recommended and listening to your body. I like that.

They have some Maori sayings that I will be applying in my life

Kia Ora means “Hi” and “Be well”
Te Wero means “The challenge”
Panoni means “The Change”
Kia Kaha means “Be strong”

Will keep you posted! I start tomorrow! I posted a video on my youtube channel of all that came with my Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack! Contact me on how to get your challenge pack or visit www.YourFunCoach.com

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