OK, so can I just say how sore I am this morning from my day 2 P90X workout! I still feel great though! This is weird but I am pretty confident I am already losing inches since my pants seem a bit bigger today.

I discovered something that I think happens to alot of people. I got confused and mixed up my day1 and day 2 workouts by accident! I am sure it will be ok but just FYI make sure you always double check which workout you should be doing on the day that you should be doing it.

So, Day 2 was Core Synergistics although it should have been day 1 lol…. BTW I am doing the LEAN version of P90X. It is more cardio based. It is designed to help with optimum fat loss.

In case you didnt know there are many versions of P90X all in one program. This is great so that you can tailor it to your needs.

Learn more about P90x here

I can say that I honestly completed my workout from start to finish. I did have to do some modifying.  There are alot of moves I am not able to do yet but, I still attempt them and if I cant do them I move on with a move that I think may give me a similar benefit or I march in place.  When I feel like I  am at my limit I march in place. I also try to keep up with their pace but I cant always do so. Tony Horton is great about reminding me to take it slower if I need to or on showing modifications.

I cant wait till I can do the Dreya  Roll! That is a tough one for me right now. I  need to get a better mat. The mat I have is great for yoga but not the Dreya Roll!

Well, that sums it all up for day 2 as far as the exercise goes.

Read how day 1 went here

For the nutritional part of P90X I had Shakeology for breakfast to make the rest of my day easy. It really helps. I am doing the portion control part of the P90x nutritional plan.  It is basically food exchanges kinda like the old Richard Simmons Deal A Meal where you get so many squares for protien, veggies, fat, carbs, etc… you get the idea. You just mark them of as you go. It takes the guess work out of it for you. This way you know when you have had enough of each food group that you need.

The P90x program comes with many different food plans as well. It is really such a very easy program to follow.

Click here For a online tool to keep track of your food plan

Well, I look forward to my Day 3 workout this evening! I have a fit club this afternoon  so it will be a double workout day! Wish me luck! Follow my P90x Journey by subscribing to my blog in the top right corner of this page =)

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