Tony Horton and I after a live workout with him in Jan. 2011 in Dallas

Tony Horton and I in January 2011 after a live workoutin Dallas. He really pushed me hard!



OUCH!!! I am so very  very sore today!!! I  just completed day 3 of my P90X journey last night and I have to say I have muscles I never knew I had! My muscles are certainly confused! Tony Sawyer Horton you have succeeded with your muscle confusion technique that P90X is famous for! On the bright side, I slept like a baby!

I have to tell you, last night I REALLY did NOT want to workout at all! I even said to myself and my daughter that I thought I could only do half of the workout last night which was Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper X.  The wonderful thing is that once I started I felt so good! I wanted to finish! I did finish!

I realized (well I have really always known) the beauty of the program is that Tony has scheduled our workouts in a certain order for a reason. If I had done my day 1 and day 2 workouts in the right order I would not have had such a hard time last night because I was working the same muscle groups.  I would have given my arms and shoulders some rest time from the Core Synergistics workout I did on Day 2.

Our bodies respond best to this type of training. Alternating which muscle groups you are using and letting them rest and recover. This is why it is so important to follow the recommended P90X workout schedule for which ever program you are doing.  I cant wait till day 30 so I can measure! I can tell I am really losing inches!

One other reason I am so sore, I forgot to drink my P90x recovery drink! I never understood the need for it until one of my customers shared with me why it was so important.  I did drink it last night and I  know it helped.  If you  are doing an extreme workout like P90X you NEED a recovery drink after your workouts, plain and simple.

P90X Peak Performance Results and Recovery is the absolute BEST on the market period! I have even used it for other things like when my kids run a fever, on hot days after yard work etc… I see it as a staple in my home now and cant be without it. Popsicles in the summer. We live in Texas and it is very easy to get dehydrated in the summers here. What a nice sugar free healthy way to rehydrate.

One other thing Tony mentioned in Ab Ripper X which I feel is SO important to share with you and I  tell all my customers this.  Don’t do Ab Ripper every day. You have to let them rest. If you are working your abs every day and are not seeing the results you want this could be one of the reasons why. Another reason could be your nutrition. Remember Abs are made in the kitchen! Shakeology can help you with that for sure. I have lost almost 70 lbs and 49 inches just drinking it 1x a day!

So I  am looking forward to my day 4 workout tonight YogaX. It will be nice to just do some stretching. I will also be working out 2 x today since I have Mesquite Fit Club Tonight too!

Well wish me luck! Please follow my P90X journey by subscribing to my blog up in the right corner of this page. Also please comment and share your health and fitness journey with me or if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by =)

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