Team Beachbody newly released workout Body Gospel is taking the US by storm.

Here you will find an introduction to the Body Gospel Workout program and how it can benefit your church or any non-profit organization.

Body Gospel is a comprehensive fitness program that connects the power of your faith with your desire to lose weight and get fit. It includes fat-burning cardio workouts set to uplifting gospel music, muscle-firming resistance bands, and a complete nutrition plan created by inspirational fitness expert Donna Richardson Joyner to help you transform your body, mind, and spirit.

Order now and get Donna’s 3-Day Jump-Start Plan to help you lose up to 3 pounds and 3 inches in just 3 days—guaranteed!

6 glorious workouts for a slimmer body and stronger spirit

  • Body Revival
    Lift your spirit, slim your body, and feel energized all day long with this calorie-blasting cardio workout. (Approx. 35 mins.)
  • Power & Praise
    Tone and define your muscles while you burn fat in this interval training workout that uses Donna’s specially designed resistance bands. (Approx. 35 mins.)
  • Gospel Glory
    Shrink your hips and thighs and flatten your tummy with this advanced body-slimming cardio workout. (Approx. 45 mins.)
  • Strength & Spirit
    Sculpt and tone your body from head to toe. You’ll alternate between strength and cardio training for maximum fat and calorie burning. (Approx. 55 mins.)
  • Core Revelation
    Lose those love handles and define your abs while slimming and trimming your thighs and backside at the same time. (Approx. 20 mins.)
  • Stretch in the Spirit
    Increase your flexibility, reduce stress, and breathe new life into your healthy temple. (Approx. 10 mins.)

Tools for tracking your progress

  • Total Transformation Guide
    Track your progress with a 30-day workout calendar and inspiration journal, and read daily scripture to help strengthen your faith in God and yourself.
  • Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul Nutrition Guide:
    Lose weight, stay satisfied, and have more energy with Donna’s delicious and filling recipes for meals and snacks.
  • Body Gospel Basic 10 Training Cards
    Get a quick workout on the go—anytime, anyplace.
  • Body Gospel Bands
    Sculpt and define long, lean muscles with these pro-grade resistance bands.
  • 24/7 Online Access
    Get training, nutrition tips, and amazing support from Donna and the Body Gospel community.

Plus 3 FREE Gifts

  • Bonus Workout – Stepping in the Spirit
    Enjoy an inspirational walking workout set to uplifting gospel hits. (Approx. 20 mins.)
  • 3-Day Jump-Start Plan
    Lose up to 3 pounds and 3 inches in just 3 days with this safe yet effective quick-start program.
  • Bonus Workout – Body Gospel LIVE!
    With this energetic, fun-filled workout to a live gospel choir, you’ll be sweating in the spirit in no time! (Approx. 30 mins

Support Wellness Ministries by offering Fit Club Workout Groups, and an in-home fitness challenge.

Raise funds for the church (as a “Coach”) by selling Body Gospel (fit clubs/members) and earn 25% commission, and sell online/church store (Body Gospel and /or other programs)

Non-Profit Special Discounts

Free Business Starter Kit Fee ($39.95 value)

Free Website with no monthly Business service fee ($14.95 )

Approved to sell in church bookstore.

This is a great fundraiser for chuches because it is a Faith-centered workout, it can support specific ministries within the church, fitness program for members (e.g., 30-day boot camp with Body Gospel), Fellowshipping opportunities, and residual monthly commisions from Shakeology purchases.

Suggestions for fit clubs are to limit enrollment (based on size of facility), Club members get FREE group workouts and must purchase Body Gospel for in-home daily workouts. Club members should be encouraged to purchase Shakeology, and after 30 days decide which programs fit their needs.

How do you get started? Well you must submit anapplication and IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter to Coach relations.  

Next you will want to establish a Kick- Off  plan , generate retail sales via bookstore, website, or promotion for residual sales and Home Direct Program, and establish the guidlines of your fit club so that everyone knows what they can expect and what is expected of them as well.

To get started please contact me personally Tricia Claiborne either through the contact page, email , or you may call during regular business hours 214-382-6562

To purchase Body Gospel >>> CLick Here

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